Welcome to The Real Rise Blog!

Welcome to my blog everyone!

It is the time when we as the generation of the future need to join forces and create new opportunities for ourselves. We need to change what is deemed as acceptable and go out and fight for our futures.

This blog is just the start of what will become a positive movement for young people to be involved in. We will be discussing controversial topics about issues in society that people tend to shy away from. We hope you will all get involved with what we are discussing here and we would love to see feedback on the issues raised.

Remember, we aim to keep it 100% Real… and may we all be on the Rise.


By Millennial Madness

Discussing topics related to the madness we Millennials go through

2 replies on “Welcome to The Real Rise Blog!”

What a message, so powerful and out reaching, the truth needs to be spoken, or rather written! Great work, I’m intrigued; keep it up!!!

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