How Stephen Sutton Can Inspire Us All

Stephen Sutton really is an inspiration he raised an amazing amount of money for the teenage cancer trust. Not only did he achieve his goal but he really did inspire so many people and his achievement has demonstrated how many people can make small individual efforts to reach a common goal.

He managed to raise over 3million pound and 1 million of that was literally in a few days. This is a perfect example of how young people can unite to raise a common goal. It’s time to stop looking at your peers as competition; you know the saying strength in numbers….

We need to join together with mutual goals and create new opportunities. You should evaluate what your goals are in life and try to reach out to people who are like minded. For example you could arrange for 3 friends to chip in together to buy a van and insurance… Get a few interested clients and that is the beginning of a removal company.

There is a shortage of jobs for us so we need to create them for ourselves. We should aim to recreate the enthusiasm that his cause created. He really did appeal to the empathetic side of people’s nature. You will be surprised at how many people may share the same goals as you all you have to do is reach out… You never know where it may take you. Look at Stephen, his unfortunate circumstances lead him to start his fundraising goal but it was his strength and passion for the cause that was able to make it as successful as it is.

On that note, here’s the link to Stephen’s just giving page if you would like to donate a small amount towards his cause.




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One reply on “How Stephen Sutton Can Inspire Us All”

Great post – and such a fitting tribute so Stephen. So crazy to think that someone can make such a difference to the world around them in a such a short time, but incredibly heart-warming and really restores your faith in humanity..I wrote a post along similar lines that you might find interesting – 🙂

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