Tips for handing stress when applying for jobs.

Applying for jobs is a very long process so it’s helpful to have a few tricks to ensure you are sending out the maximum amount of applications but yet do not lose any quality.

1. Apply in sections
set yourself a manageable target so for example, I will apply for 10 jobs today. This makes the task seem smaller. Applying for jobs can be a long and tedious process

2. Create multiple CV’s and cover letters
Take 4 main jobs that you will be applying for and tailor your CV and cover letter to match what the employer is expecting. This will help you complete many applications quickly.

3. Try something different
A few years ago a graphic designer made his CV as a chocolate bar wrapper. Sometimes you have to get creative in order to set yourself aside from other candidates.

4. Have a written template already prepared. This can be a document listing your main skills and a explanation of experiences you have faced when you have had to apply your skills to. This will allow you to perfect your answers and ensure you can submit a quality application every time. You can copy and paste this into job applications.

We hope you try some of these tips. Leave a comment to share your experiences of how they worked for you.

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