The Destruction of Free Youth Media

The BBC are shutting down BBC three as a way to save up to 50million pound needed to be cut. There are many other ways that this money could be saved. In the news today there was an article that mentioned that BBC spent 30million pound on accommodation for staff. 11.6 million of that was just in 2013 alone.

If the BBC changed their spending habits and lowered that crazy salaries they dish out to top executives, maybe they could prevent the closure of this important channel.

BBC three is the only channel available on UK TV that specifically targets young peoples issues. There is no channel similar to BBC three. Most young people we have approached are not even aware that BBC three is closing down.

Below is the link to an online petition, make sure you sign is as this is our only hope at standing up for what we believe is right and is actually needed. It’s time to actually have a say in what is going on. There are different options the BBC could do in order to preserve the channel and ensure the quality of the shows are not compromised.

By Millennial Madness

Discussing topics related to the madness we Millennials go through

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