What is preventing young people from voting?

44% of young people aged 18-24 voted in the last general election. Many young people do not care about politics in the way that we should. Governments do not aim their policies towards us because we do not make up the majority vote.

A survey found that 24 per cent of 18 to 21 year olds had never registered, and another nine per cent did not know whether they were on the register. One third (33 per cent) had been added by a parent, guardian or relative and 32 per cent said they had registered themselves.
Seven per cent of 22 to 25 year olds said their names had never registered and a further eight per cent in that age group said they did not know whether they had been.
The research, suggesting that as many as 800,000 young adults could have been disenfranchised across the United Kingdom, was carried out for the Electoral Reform Society.

As mentioned in a previous post we need to educate ourselves on the basics in UK politics. That way we can make a stand for the policies that we want to go through parliament and start voting for real change.

The voting system is a biased one to mention. We are encouraged to vote in a system where they portray the race as a fair one when in reality, there are a small group of elite men who all studied at the top schools in the country. They were groomed from school age to become leaders and people of importance within society. Where is the fairness of that. We live in a pretend democracy where they only people who become leaders are those who are born into the elite system.

Do not allow them to make you think this is the only option available!

Do you really think that you or me could become prime minister in this current society. The answer is no. And because of that point we feel that there is no real point in voting at the moment until there is a legitimate party who stand for what is right.

Our leaders no longer represent the people. They are essentially machines who dictate the smallest details that (believe it or not) do have a major effect on our lives. But yet these so called leaders have not really experienced life in the way that the mass experience it. They are from the clouded society ‘the elite’ where they wouldn’t know how to put the emergency electric on when your money cuts out. Or how to have a choice between getting to work or having money to eat. The leader of the Labour Party didn’t even know how much a weekly food shop costs nowadays! So ask yourself the question, why do we allow these elite machines to rule our lives and country.

Many young people do not feel that politics concerns them. It’s a very warped view that needs to be addressed. Realistically the options that we have for leaders today are between the conservative party, labour and liberal democrats. Out of the 161 councils involved in the local election today, 77 are run by Labour, 52 Conservatives and 8 are Liberal Democrats. Only 24 have no overall control.

We need to encourage more young people to be interested in politics and then start to move towards having more politicians who do represent the voters.

Ways we can do this is by getting involved within your communities, have a first hand look at what is going on in your own neighbourhood. Educate yourself in UK politics and get to know what is on offer. You may find that you agree with the policies of a party.

As the future of this country it’s time we stand up for our own rights and ensure that change does happen.

The power is in the people and what we say is ‘ To hell with the Eton robots’ let’s have some real politicians!!



Tips for handing stress when applying for jobs.

Applying for jobs is a very long process so it’s helpful to have a few tricks to ensure you are sending out the maximum amount of applications but yet do not lose any quality.

1. Apply in sections
set yourself a manageable target so for example, I will apply for 10 jobs today. This makes the task seem smaller. Applying for jobs can be a long and tedious process

2. Create multiple CV’s and cover letters
Take 4 main jobs that you will be applying for and tailor your CV and cover letter to match what the employer is expecting. This will help you complete many applications quickly.

3. Try something different
A few years ago a graphic designer made his CV as a chocolate bar wrapper. Sometimes you have to get creative in order to set yourself aside from other candidates.

4. Have a written template already prepared. This can be a document listing your main skills and a explanation of experiences you have faced when you have had to apply your skills to. This will allow you to perfect your answers and ensure you can submit a quality application every time. You can copy and paste this into job applications.

We hope you try some of these tips. Leave a comment to share your experiences of how they worked for you.

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How Stephen Sutton Can Inspire Us All

Stephen Sutton really is an inspiration he raised an amazing amount of money for the teenage cancer trust. Not only did he achieve his goal but he really did inspire so many people and his achievement has demonstrated how many people can make small individual efforts to reach a common goal.

He managed to raise over 3million pound and 1 million of that was literally in a few days. This is a perfect example of how young people can unite to raise a common goal. It’s time to stop looking at your peers as competition; you know the saying strength in numbers….

We need to join together with mutual goals and create new opportunities. You should evaluate what your goals are in life and try to reach out to people who are like minded. For example you could arrange for 3 friends to chip in together to buy a van and insurance… Get a few interested clients and that is the beginning of a removal company.

There is a shortage of jobs for us so we need to create them for ourselves. We should aim to recreate the enthusiasm that his cause created. He really did appeal to the empathetic side of people’s nature. You will be surprised at how many people may share the same goals as you all you have to do is reach out… You never know where it may take you. Look at Stephen, his unfortunate circumstances lead him to start his fundraising goal but it was his strength and passion for the cause that was able to make it as successful as it is.

On that note, here’s the link to Stephen’s just giving page if you would like to donate a small amount towards his cause.




Money Talks

Top tips for young people to maintain their credit rating for the future.

I know some of you may have done a few ‘AC’s’ in the past or were a bit reckless with the spending when you were younger. So we have created a list of a few tips that can help improve your credit rating.You may not feel like it is a big issue now whilst your young. however, when your older you may need to rely on credit more often.

Your credit rating is basically a score to show how well you are at paying money back to lenders. For example, if you defaulted on a previous payment this will affect your credit rating.

Here are some tips to take note of to improve your overall credit score.

1- Arrange all of your outgoing bills to be paid by direct debit, this will ensure that they are paid on time every month, which will help boost your rating.

2. Put your name on the electoral register, lenders like to see you on there for as long as possible.

3. Always read the terms and conditions when setting up a new credit agreement. Always check if there is anything that mentions any late payment fees etc.

4. Don’t change your current account too much, the longer you have had your bank account the better it shows on your credit report

5. If you have a credit card use it and pay it of quickly…. Only if you can trust yourself to manage your money effectively. This will demonstrate that you can manage your credit and pay your bills on time.

6. Don’t allow people to take out any credit in your name…. Trust us you do not want to have a county court judgement over your head.

7. Be aware that when you try to get credit in your name the lender will do a search on you. Too many searches will look bad on your credit file.

Try these tips out and good luck with your financial future guysšŸ˜¬

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The negative effects of living in a materialistic society.

We live in a society that encourages you to upgrade your phone every time a new model is released and to change your wardrobe to be in line with what’s popular this season.

It is a never ending cycle of you trying to keep up with the jones’s. Everyday from the moment we wake we are bombarded of images designed to make us spend our money on anything and everything.

The sad thing about living in a consumer society is that your life becomes a rat race as you spend most of your time working to pay for material goods. You have to ask your self the question, why do you want to be successful? Is it because you want to live in a nice house and be financially stable or is it because you want to help others, the list goes on.

When you do have a think about what drives you take into account that when it is all said and done your countless TVs and I phone will not be there to hold your hand or to re visit old memories with you. Our society is based on shallow morals and as a result the UK has become lost in its identity. Many people do get caught up in the consumer cycle and unfortunately sometimes end up in the depts of poverty surrounded by a house full of expensive goods. It’s crazy how some people can complain about being on the breadline whilst watching a 50inch smart TV.

So much emphasis is put on material goods that it distracts us from the real wealth in life. You are encouraged to buy a new TV rather than spend that same 700 pound on support for 1 homeless person. We are conditioned by advertising, to measure our happiness and success by our wealth and possessions.

In areas with high unemployment there are many shops that encourage bad spending habits such as cash converters and gambling shops. People in poverty are not taught how to manage money they are encouraged into debt. Luxurious goods are dangled in the face of the poor and as humans can be greedy of course some people will do whatever it takes to own goods that they simply cannot afford.

It’s funny that you don’t see no mass advertising for investments and money management etc the ruling class want us to spend our money on the toys they distract us with whilst they profit of our money. We spend our money on crap with no real value while the rich get richer. Poor people are not meant to know the tricks to make money they are purely taught how to spend it to make sure that the cycle of rich vs poor continues.

“Our enormously productive economy demands that we make consumption our way of life, that we convert the buying and use of goods into rituals, that we seek our spiritual satisfaction and our ego satisfaction in consumption. We need things consumed, burned up, worn out, replaced and discarded at an ever-increasing rate”
economist Victor Lebow

The Real Rise encourages entrepreneurship amongst young people. Teach yourself the skills that it takes to make a lot of money and share the knowledge amongst other young people rather then getting caught in the trap of consumerism.The government are not going to provide jobs for us so we will have to create them for ourselves.

Because people measure their success in life by material possessions, this can have a negative effect on poorer communities. The riots in London are prime example of how materialism can have negative effects. Politicians and middle class people were saying ‘ how can people destroy their own communities’ it’s very simple People simply took the opportunity to take things for free. No guilt involved just a simple free shopping trip. Some people may disagree with this point but after speaking to many young people who were involved we can say this is the general thought amongst most young people involved in the looting.

It is very plain to see, we are bombarded by advertisement ‘buy me, buy me’ and when there is a riot those goods that are advertised will be the targeted first. The looting was basically a 21st century version of a peasants uprising. No political demands just a straight ‘we are taking all your shit and we are going to cause the most disruption possible.

In conclusion to that point, young people need to get educated in order to stand up for their own rights and when that opportunity does arise again, young people as a community can represent themselves in a controlled manner and ensure change and a positive outcome.

Look up the following topics in order to educate yourself and form your own opinion about this topic.

– moneyless manifesto- free online book
– read up about materialism and consumerism

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Welcome to The Real Rise Blog!

Welcome to my blog everyone!

It is the time when we as the generation of the future need to join forces and create new opportunities for ourselves. We need to change what is deemed as acceptable and go out and fight for our futures.

This blog is just the start of what will become a positive movement for young people to be involved in. We will be discussing controversial topics about issues in society that people tend to shy away from. We hope you will all get involved with what we are discussing here and we would love to see feedback on the issues raised.

Remember, we aim to keep it 100% Real… and may we all be on the Rise.