What is preventing young people from voting?

44% of young people aged 18-24 voted in the last general election. Many young people do not care about politics in the way that we should. Governments do not aim their policies towards us because we do not make up the majority vote.

A survey found that 24 per cent of 18 to 21 year olds had never registered, and another nine per cent did not know whether they were on the register. One third (33 per cent) had been added by a parent, guardian or relative and 32 per cent said they had registered themselves.
Seven per cent of 22 to 25 year olds said their names had never registered and a further eight per cent in that age group said they did not know whether they had been.
The research, suggesting that as many as 800,000 young adults could have been disenfranchised across the United Kingdom, was carried out for the Electoral Reform Society.

As mentioned in a previous post we need to educate ourselves on the basics in UK politics. That way we can make a stand for the policies that we want to go through parliament and start voting for real change.

The voting system is a biased one to mention. We are encouraged to vote in a system where they portray the race as a fair one when in reality, there are a small group of elite men who all studied at the top schools in the country. They were groomed from school age to become leaders and people of importance within society. Where is the fairness of that. We live in a pretend democracy where they only people who become leaders are those who are born into the elite system.

Do not allow them to make you think this is the only option available!

Do you really think that you or me could become prime minister in this current society. The answer is no. And because of that point we feel that there is no real point in voting at the moment until there is a legitimate party who stand for what is right.

Our leaders no longer represent the people. They are essentially machines who dictate the smallest details that (believe it or not) do have a major effect on our lives. But yet these so called leaders have not really experienced life in the way that the mass experience it. They are from the clouded society ‘the elite’ where they wouldn’t know how to put the emergency electric on when your money cuts out. Or how to have a choice between getting to work or having money to eat. The leader of the Labour Party didn’t even know how much a weekly food shop costs nowadays! So ask yourself the question, why do we allow these elite machines to rule our lives and country.

Many young people do not feel that politics concerns them. It’s a very warped view that needs to be addressed. Realistically the options that we have for leaders today are between the conservative party, labour and liberal democrats. Out of the 161 councils involved in the local election today, 77 are run by Labour, 52 Conservatives and 8 are Liberal Democrats. Only 24 have no overall control.

We need to encourage more young people to be interested in politics and then start to move towards having more politicians who do represent the voters.

Ways we can do this is by getting involved within your communities, have a first hand look at what is going on in your own neighbourhood. Educate yourself in UK politics and get to know what is on offer. You may find that you agree with the policies of a party.

As the future of this country it’s time we stand up for our own rights and ensure that change does happen.

The power is in the people and what we say is ‘ To hell with the Eton robots’ let’s have some real politicians!!